Stern Fotografie Portfolio No. 38

Home Is Where The Heart Is, 2004


In his second edition for the German art portfolio STERN, Bruce Weber explored the idea of home, extending the metaphor beyond structures where people live, to encompass the body, the landscape, the the world of dreams. In the introduction, written by Jochen Siemens, Bruce confesses, "Maybe many of my pictures are a bit too romantic. But they aim to hold up a mirror to people, show them a country in which we can live, show them the home country we have." A hopeful assertion, especially considering this publication appeared in the anxiety-ridden early months of the war in Iraq, with the international image of the US very much in question. This portfolio stands in contrast to those dark days, a quietly hopefully vision spun to the tune of the Peggy Lee song Bruce discusses at length in his essay, "The Folks Who Live On The Hill." But there's also a poignancy, a melancholy in such contrasts. This portfolio is a bit like the comment made by Ms. Lee's granddaughter which closes the essay, "Peggy always wanted a house with a white picket fence and a family, but things don't always turn out in life the way the lyrics of her song promised."