The Andy Book

Doeisha Co., Ltd., 1987

Doeisha Co., Ltd.

"It makes men of them fast." So spoke the inimitable Andy Minsker, star of Bruce Weber's first feature documentary film, "Broken Noses." In this, the companion photo book to the film, readers have a chance to revisit some of the master raconteur's most memorable anecdotes, tidbits of his rambling conversation/interview with Bruce, which drove the story of this athlete-turned-coach. Bruce's photographs in the book stretch over a period of several years, from the time he discovered the boxer at the Colorado Sports Festival in 1983 through his subsequent career as a model – for Calvin Klein, Versace, and numerous editorials - up until the completion of "Broken Noses." Readers see Andy at work, striking poses, training with the kids of his boxing camp. Throughout the volume, Andy offers his distinctive views on everything from girls, cars, relationships, sex, and movie stars to boxing, confidence, and camaraderie - a cumulative vision of the characteristics he believes make a true man. There is a certain poignancy to his story, one of Olympic dreams unrealized, yet Andy's enduring bravado and charm are barely contained by the pages of the book or the frame of the film. It seems all who meet Andy fall in love with him as much as the camera does - the book captures the heart of a true character. Consider the words of Ronny Purcell, one of the kids who Andy coached at the Mount Hood Boxing Club: "From this picture, you can see Andy is sort of odd. But we like to keep him around anyway. He's a very talented fighter and coach. Without Andy, all of us weird individuals wouldn't be a team."