, 1999

"To capture the fish is not all of the fishing." –Zane Grey, 1919 In this catalogue for the exhibition of the same name, Bruce Weber presents a series of photographs which engage his familiar themes of family, community and our relationship with nature. The tight-knit world of elegant South Carolina churchgoers echoes the formalism of cadets gathered at the Citadel and the orderliness of the NASA site. A series of Polariods evoke film stills from a bygone era – small Montana town scenes and the spare western landscapes. And considerable attention is given to brothers Johnny and Keenan Muldowney, Adirondack locals whose portraits speak to the indelible bonds of family. In addition to Bruce's photographs, this volume featured texts by S.E. Hinton, Robert Frost, and Muhammad Ali. "Shufly" the exhibition opened at Robert Miller Gallery in 2000. This catalogue was designed by Sam Shahid.