, 2005

Kinetique, Tokyo

When Bruce Weber opened the Tokyo iteration of his "Filmography" exhibition in 2005, he collaborated with the distributor Kinetique to release a limited-edition catalogue of the show. Drawing extensively from imagery related to each of his feature films and shorts, this book celebrates the fantasies and aspirations of cinema. In addition to showcasing his own film work, Bruce celebrates the talents of directors and actors who inspire him, everyone from Michelangelo Antonioni and Pedro Almodovar to Benicio del Toro and Vanessa Redgrave. The book includes an essay Bruce wrote in tribute to the late, great actor, River Phoenix, the subject of a film he never got to make. In this essay, and in each of these photographs, Bruce presents the elusive dreamworld of the big screen as a space of freedom, innocence and the possibility of personal expression.