Bruce Weber

Fahey-Klein / Parco Catalogue, 1991

Treville Co., Ltd.

Bruce Weber held his first one-person west-coast exhibition at Los Angeles' Fahey-Klein Gallery in 1991. This book was published in collaboration with Tokyo's Parco Gallery (where the show also traveled) and features a broad selection of Bruce's most iconic imagery from the mid-to-late 1980s. There are portraits of notables like Edouard Boubat, John Lee Hooker, Paul Bowles and Manuel Alvarez Bravo, gorgeous figure studies set in the sylvan landscapes of Point Conception, California and Golden Beach, Florida, and miscellany of Bruce's life on the road – moody urban scenes from Paris, a fire-ravaged Yellowstone Park, ancient pyramids in Mexico. Tales of travel and friends met along the way - this volume of photographs brims, in the words of William S. Burrough's introduction, with "individual pictures glowing with life, seen for the first time by a meaning-sensitive observer against a backdrop of exploding galaxies."