Jim French

Like a Moth to a Flame, 2003

Little Bear Press

Like a Moth to a Flame contains a collection Jim French’s influential nude male photography. These images, figural and landscape, are evidence of his keen awareness of classic male beauty. Opening this volume is an interview with French conducted by Bruce Weber, in which Jim recounts: “He [David] was attractive and he knew it and used it and he was a sexual compulsive. He was born for sex; it was like a moth to a flame. It was a job to him and he was constantly on the make. Twenty-five hours a day. I mean sex was his life.” “Like a Moth to a Flame is a collection of photographs French took of a Colt model named David Scrivanek in the early 70s. Scrivanek’s nom-de-porn was Erron, and in his circle he was something of a legend- the flame to which countless moth were a drawn.” (From V Man review. ) Like a Moth to a Flame: Jim French, 2003, 128 pages with 56 duotone plates and 11 color plates. Limited edition first print run.