All-American VIII

Nature's Way, 2008

Little Bear Press

This edition of our journal explores the parallels between traditional perceptions of the natural world—as the realm of both the sublime and the forbidding—and the tensions that exist within our conceptualization of human nature. This lofty theme is illustrated through the works and observations of an eclectic cast of characters, in what has become the signature form of the All-American series. The journal features chapters devoted to Oatsie Charles, the notable Washington D.C. hostess and Newport socialite; Professor Henry W. Kendall, a Nobel prize-winning physicist and accomplished alpine photographer; and the journalist David Halberstam, author of The Best and The Brightest. Also featured is a portfolio of all-new Bruce Weber rodeo photographs; a fantastic profile on The Ledges, the Cushing family estate; selected writings by the conservationist Bob Marshall; a gorgeous spread celebrating the artistry and style of Nina Simone; selected poems by Pulitzer Prize-winner Stephen Dunn; travel photographs by Rob Born; and a personal tribute to Rabbi Zevulon Glixman, a leader known throughout the world for his good deeds and religious devotion. All-American VIII: Nature’s Way is softbound, 180 pages in length. The print run is 5000 copies, first edition only. 100 duotone plates, 71 color plates.