Cartier I Love You

Celebrating 100 Years of Cartier in America, 2009

Cartier invited Bruce Weber to be creative director for a project to showcase the 100th anniversary of the company's presence in America. Bruce opted to make a special book, titled "Cartier I Love You." Part historical document, part photographic love letter, this book challenged the conventional motifs of luxury anniversary tomes by weaving gorgeous photographs, personal inspirations, original essays, poems, song lyrics and commissioned artworks together with juicy bits of Cartier lore. In addition to highlighting grand pieces of the Cartier collection, this book offered a completely original spin on this elegant brand. "Cartier I Love You" evoked a world of imagination, aspiration, surprise and delight, filled with the fable-like sense of wonder one gets when hearing stories of princesses and maharajas. While classic clients like Barbara Hutton, Elizabeth Taylor and Serge Gainsbourg were celebrated for their decadent tastes, Bruce's photographs for the book gave this volume a decidedly contemporary flair – pointing to how even the most stories houses must live and grow in the here and now. The project culminated in a blow-out celebration at the Cartier on 5th Avenue in New York City. In celebration of the book's rich tapestry of talent and spirit, set designer Stefan Beckman papered the walls of the mansion's second floor with press sheets from "Cartier I Love You."