50 Starfotografen Zeigen Ihre Vision Vom Ideal, 2011

Deichtorhallen Hamburg
Deichtorstraße 1 20095 Hamburg, Germany
+49 40 32 10 30

This partner show to the 2008 exhibition at the Deichtorhallen examines similar questions of how contemporary fashion photographers conceptualize notions of beauty in their work. But this time, the gaze falls to each individual's version of a "masculine ideal" and explores how he / she finds inspiration there. Bruce offers the following explanation for his selection of images in this show, all portraits of notable artists from a variety of backgrounds: “If a man writes, paints, plays music or acts, he has a lucky life. Many of the friends I photograph are at the first handshake a bit cold. But once you share the experience of making something together with them, they never want to let you go.” This exhibition opens March 10th and runs through May 22, 2011.