Extreme Beauty in Vogue

, 2009

Palazzo della Ragione
Piazza dei Mercanti, 1 20123 Milan, Italy 02 72003358
+02 72003358

'Extreme Beauty in Vogue', one of the highlights of Milan Fashion Week in 2008, investigated the role of beauty in our society as seen in a series of images from the past 80 years of Vogue magazine. "Aesthetic canons shift, change and evolve, yet beauty lives forever," said the Mayor of Milan, Letizia Moratti in a paraphrase Oscar Wilde. "Beauty stays on as a symbol of life which Milan has been able to make the most of in terms of design, fashion and art." A statement from Vogue's editors explained that a succession of visually-bold editors-in-chief and a tradition of collaboration with the best photographers, had resulted in a collective 'Vogue eye': 'One where prettiness is less important than a radical view of physical aspiration, where wit is provocative, and where a shocking image is more arresting than a safe photograph.'