Lisette Model and Her Successors

, 2007

Aperture Foundation
547 West 27th Street, 4th Floor New York City 10001

In 2007, the Aperture Foundation in New York reissued their Lisette Model monograph, originally published in 1979. To celebrate this. Larry Fink and Diana Edkins co-curated a show that presented Model's work in relation to that of her students and successors, among them such influential image makers as Diane Arbus, Peter Hujar, Bruce Cratsley, and Ray Jacobs. Bruce Weber was among those who had studied with Model whose work was in the exhibition. Of the show, co-curator Diana Edkins wrote: "the strength of the photographers' work in the exhibition and what binds all these photographers together is portraiture, and an elusive quality, difficult for the photographer to obtain and for the viewer to define and grasp. Mostly it is a suggestion rather than something undeniably there, but it is possible and potent, sometimes painfully so and may be even sublime. It goes beyond a sense of presence and circumstance and context - it is simply embedded in the picture." The exhibition opened at the Aperture Foundation in New York, then traveled to the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum, the Museo di Roma, and the Presentation House in Vancouver.