About the Gang

Billie Holiday

What is your favorite occupation? Loving Who are your heroes in real life? The gang at The Search Dog Foundation What are your chief characteristics? Loyalty and Sensitivity

Hopalong Little River

What is your idea of earthly happiness? Greeting Bruce with a song after a long day on set Your favorite musician? Phillippe Jouroussky Your favorite virtue? Generosity


Who is your favorite author? Jack London What is your main fault? Restlessness Who is your favorite sports figure? Sugar Ray Robinson


Who is your Favorite Poet? E.E Cummings What are your favorite qualities in a man? Feminine Charms Where would you like to live? Anywhere on this earth as long as I can sit and have breakfast with Bruce


What is your favorite flower? Garden Roses What is your favorite color? Blue What is your present state of mind? Imaginative

Hope + Elvis